2021 SHIEC Conference

HIE Sustainability through Non-TPO Data Exchange: HIEs help patients acquire financial protection during COVID-19

Aug 15th - 18th, All Day - 10:00 AM
Virtual Session

Community Events


CORHIO Sales Manager Doug Swords will be part of this virtual session at the 2021 SHIEC Conference in Scottsdale, Ariz. 

Panelists will share their experiences and discuss a revenue-generating opportunity to share data with life and disability insurance carriers pursuant to HIPAA-compliant authorizations. In addition to recurring revenue for HIEs, this use case can streamline workflows for HIE participants while improving the patient’s experience of obtaining coverage or claim paid. This discussion will outline the experience of SHIEC HIE members who are actively sharing data with carriers and are able to use the revenue in support of new and innovative services or products for their participants.

MedVirginia, a founding member of eHealth Exchange and a pioneer of interoperability, will host a panel discussion on the life and disability insurance use case for non-TPO data exchange.

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