CORHIO Exceeds 2 Million Patients in Health Information Exchange

Date: June 26th, 2013Category: CORHIO e-NewsletterTopics: HIE, CORHIO Network

Data on 2,273,200 unique patients is currently available in CORHIO’s HIE, helping providers across the state improve care.

CORHIO has recently achieved a major milestone – approximately 44%* of Colorado’s residents are now represented in the HIE. Colorado providers can access historical clinical information on these patients to be better prepared for their visits and care transitions. For example, if a patient recently had surgery at the hospital, their primary care physician would have access to the tests and other information on that procedure. Or if a home health agency patient has an emergency visit to the hospital, their nurse can use the HIE to access the reports on that visit and be better equipped to resume the patient’s care.

Comprehensive Data From Hospitals and Labs

Patient data available to providers in CORHIO’s HIE includes laboratory, pathology, and radiology reports; admit, discharge, and transfer information from hospitals; consult reports; transcription notes and more. This data is sent into the health information exchange primarily from hospitals and labs. At this time, 29 hospitals are currently sending data into CORHIO’s HIE and 15 more hospitals are in development to do so. Two laboratories, LabCorp and Colorado Lab Services, are currently sending test results for patients into the HIE. Quest Diagnostics and Cedar Diagnostics are in development to join CORHIO as well.

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*The 2012 census estimate of Colorado residents is 5,187,582, so with CORHIO’s 2,273,200 unique patients, this represents approximately 44% of the state’s population.