Reminder: 9Health Fair Results Available in Community Health Record

Date: April 16th, 2014Category: CORHIO e-NewsletterTopics: HIE, PatientCare 360, Patient Engagement, Care Coordination, CORHIO Network

Providers participating in the CORHIO HIE network can access results from 9Health Fair lab testing through the Community Health Record in PatientCare 360®.

The 9Health Fair season officially kicked off last Friday, April 11th, which means that providers participating in the CORHIO network will begin to see lab results for patients who attend a fair within CORHIO’s PatientCare 360 portal.

More than 135 communities across the state will host a 9Health Fair and by the time the last fair is held on June 1st, over 75,000 people will have taken advantage of no-cost or low-cost medical screenings. All 9Health Fair locations offer a comprehensive Blood Chemistry Screening that measures blood sugar (glucose), cholesterol, triglycerides, liver, kidney, bone and muscle function and may show warning signs of diabetes, heart disease and other concerns. Other low-cost screenings include a Prostate Specific Antigen screening for men, which checks for prostate gland issues and cancer, a Blood Count screening, which checks blood health, a Hemoglobin A1C screening that gives an average blood sugar level over the past two to three months, and a Colon Cancer Screening Take Home Kit. For additional details on screenings, see

Results Available Via CORHIO from Quest Diagnostics

This is the second year 9Health Fair has partnered with CORHIO to make their lab results available in the CORHIO Community Health Record via Quest Diagnostics. Providers participating in the CORHIO network can now check the Community Health Record in PatientCare 360 to see if patient results are available in the system. It is important to note that lab results from 9Health Fair are not automatically routed to a patient’s physician via an EHR connection (if one exists) because that information is not collected at the fair. Instead, providers should consider asking their patients if they have visited a fair, and if so, look the patient up in the Community Health Record.

Faster Results, Better Communication With Patients

Now that 9Health Fair results are available in the HIE, providers are brought into the loop faster and can better understand and more quickly react to their patients’ results. Before this connection to CORHIO, 9Health Fair participants had to bring their paper reports to their medical professional.

When a patient has an abnormal result from 9Health Fair testing, physician or nurse volunteers working for the fair call them within 72 hours. They encourage patients to make an appointment with their regular doctor to discuss the results. For normal test results, the information is sent to the patient via regular mail within four weeks or within two weeks through a Web portal that the patient registers for in advance.

To learn more about the 9Health Fairs, see