10,000 Users Now on the CORHIO Health Information Exchange Network

Date: April 19th, 2017Category: CORHIO e-NewsletterTopics: CORHIO Network


CORHIO has reached a major milestone that marks the continued collaboration with community healthcare providers and leaders to improve patient care in Colorado.

The health information exchange network managed by CORHIO has reached a major milestone in usage by the community. The network is now used by 10,000 physicians, nurses, care managers, office staff, administrators, behavioral health providers, emergency department personnel, and more to access real-time patient health information. More than 22 million queries have been made in the CORHIO HIE web portal PatientCare 360. Users query laboratory and pathology test results, admission, discharge, and transfer data from hospitals, transcription notes, care summary documents and more.

“As meaningful health information exchange continues to proliferate in Colorado, CORHIO is incredibly proud of this adoption milestone. However, the work doesn’t stop there,” said Morgan Honea, CEO of CORHIO. “Not only have we surpassed 10,000 users of the community health record, we are also managing more than 300,000 queries of the system every week. For me, these measures serve as strong indicators of the commitment communities throughout Colorado are making to improve the quality of healthcare for thousands of Coloradans daily. CORHIO is proud to support our participants, their communities, and their patients in their efforts to become the healthiest state in the nation!”

“As a CORHIO Board member, I have enjoyed watching the organization become an important asset for communities across Colorado,” said Jason Greer, Executive Director of Colorado Community Manager Care Network. “I am particularly proud of the impact that data exchange has had on our state’s Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), which are vital healthcare homes for our underserved populations. Colorado’s FQHCs have sophisticated information systems that are being connected to the services provided by CORHIO. This collaboration is bringing the community together around the needs of the patients and their families. Bringing advanced technology and data sharing expertise to our communities has been an important step toward improving care for Coloradans.”

At the end of 2016, the organization's Board of Directors and Executive Team released new mission, vision and values to define guiding principles and to inspire community and staff. This includes the new Mission Statement: CORHIO empowers people, providers, and communities by providing the information they need to improve health.

Community Participation and Support

Since the official launch of the CORHIO HIE network in April 2011, 61 hospitals have joined the network and are exchanging data with community providers. More than 4,400 office-based providers are accessing this data, representing more than 860 practices throughout the state. All of Colorado’s multi-hospital systems are live on the CORHIO network, including Banner Health, Centura Health, HealthONE, SCL Health System (Exempla), and University of Colorado.

“CORHIO has been an amazing business partner to our organization and has improved patient access which has eliminated spending time chasing down charts,” said Michael Archuleta, Digital Health IT Evangelist and Director of IT for Mt San Rafael Hospital. “Since we’ve gone paperless, our organization has increased efficiencies, overall patient care, and patient satisfaction. Health information exchange is such an important concept – it reduces costs and improves overall patient care because when test results are available in the system, providers don’t need to repeat tests. It’s a game changer and we’re extremely proud to be a member of CORHIO.”

Multiple Access Points for Data Exchange

PatientCare 360® is the web-based tool many CORHIO participants use to query patients and pull up recent lab results and other clinical data. In addition to the PatientCare 360 web portal, providers can have patient clinical data from CORHIO’s participating hospitals, labs and imaging centers delivered right into their EHRs. CORHIO is currently able to connect with 32 different EHR vendors, with several more underway.

CORHIO also offers Patient Event Notifications to the community, where participants provide us with a member or patient list and we return the most current data available from network providers, including ADT information from hospitals. At this time, we are delivering nearly 80,000 ADTs weekly to the community. In particular, accountable care organizations are using these notifications to inform care management and population health programs.

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