Announcing Consolidated Care Summaries From CORHIO

Date: November 20th, 2020Category: CORHIO e-NewsletterTopics: Care Summaries, Duplicate Testing


Access one simplified document with CORHIO HIE data matched to your patient or member file.

Are your emergency department providers and staff constantly scrambling to pull patient history before encounters or spending too long gathering patient history during the visit? Or are they overwhelmed by the time spent pouring through pages upon pages of hospital data to parse out what’s most relevant? Would your busy ED providers appreciate having COVID-19 test results at their fingertips to avoid re-testing the patient?

And for Payers, it’s one thing to evaluate risk on new members once a year, but with CORHIO’s Consolidated Care Summaries, you could automatically receive pertinent patient information for a continually updated risk analysis. Your Care Managers can keep better tabs on high-risk patients and assist them with appointments, care plan reviews and medication management.

CORHIO’s new tool can help your staff be more efficient and productive. Consolidated Care Summaries takes the best features of PatientCare 360’s longitudinal health record and further merges disparate data streams to create a comprehensive Continuity of Care Document (CCD). With this new tool, you can quickly access and review a single document with a patient’s pertinent health information from any CORHIO-connected hospital that is sending HL7 data as well as ambulatory providers sending care summaries.

Successful Pilot with HealthONE

CORHIO successfully piloted Consolidated Care Summaries with HealthONE for use in their emergency rooms to support quicker access to patient data with the goal of improving clinical decision-making. The summaries are triggered when a patient is registered or admitted to the emergency department. They are automatically delivered in real-time as secure Direct messages.

Dr. Mark Radlauer, chief Medical Information Officer at HealthONE and a CORHIO board member, worked with CORHIO to provide insight on what features would best meet the needs of emergency medical providers. He compares the finished product to a fisherman’s use of sonar devices to determine the best location to cast their rod. 

As soon as a patient presents at a participating HealthONE emergency room and is pre-registered or admitted, a workflow is triggered to generate a Consolidated Care Summary to aggregate and normalize the information. The patient’s medical record number is included in the query to ensure the correct data is matched to the correct patient and any duplicative information is filtered out. The whole process takes about two minutes, with no more calls and faxes to multiple offices to piece together data.  

“The one thing nurses and providers don’t have is time, so it behooves us to take away all the friction and enable them to access information easily,” Dr. Radlauer says. “Now we’re able to really push information to the provider desktop, so the provider doesn’t have to go ‘fishing’ to find what they need. This leads to more efficient and higher quality patient care.” 

 Consolidated Care Summaries include:

  • Up to 365 days of data in the CORHIO network for specific patients
  • Hospital patient data - admission, discharge, transfer data, test results
  • Laboratory pathology and imaging results
  • Care summaries and clinical documents from community providers
  • Future data that comes into the CORHIO network (e.g., medications, advance directives, social determinants of health) will be included

For even easier access, ask about integrating Consolidated Care Summaries into your facility’s single sign-on solution with CORHIO.

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