Moving Forward: CORHIO Board Approves Merger with Arizona HIE

Date: April 27th, 2021Category: CORHIO e-NewsletterTopics: HIE, Interoperability, CORHIO Network, Health Current, merger, Health Data Utility


Agreement with Health Current paves the way for a regional health data exchange

In a decision that will deliver better care and clinical outcomes in two states, CORHIO‘s Board of Directors unanimously voted to approve an affiliation with Health Current, Arizona’s health information exchange (HIE). Health Current’s Board of Directors also unanimously approved the affiliation agreement.

After many months of discussions, CORHIO and Health Current announced their intentions to join forces in September 2020. The proposal was subjected to a thorough legal and business due diligence review, which is now complete.

Under the agreement, CORHIO and Health Current will affiliate under one parent company. More information on the structure and branding of the entity will be announced this summer, following the formation of the new parent company.

Melissa Kotrys, current CEO of Health Current, will become the Chief Executive Officer of the new parent company. Morgan Honea, current CEO of CORHIO, will serve as the Executive Vice President of the parent company.

Building strength through synergy
“This merger of equals builds upon the efficiencies and innovation of two strong and remarkably compatible HIEs,” Honea said. “As stewards of data for approximately 1,800 healthcare organizations across two states providing HIE services, the joining of CORHIO and Health Current has the potential to create the largest health data exchange in the country.”

As a central source for health information services across both states, CORHIO and Health Current pursued this strategic alignment to demonstrate an effective model for community-driven healthcare interoperability that can be implemented more broadly.

Better outcomes for communities, HIE sector
The combined entity will better serve the healthcare data needs in Colorado and Arizona while improving care coordination and clinical outcomes, supporting their respective state’s health information technology initiatives, and preparing for future consolidation in the HIE sector.

Over the past decade, CORHIO and Health Current took innovative approaches in expanding their services, growing their customer base, and supporting hospitals and healthcare providers -- most recently, during the COVID-19 response. While the functions of the organizations are complementary, both can learn from each other’s unique successes and capabilities.

“This mutually beneficial agreement will continue to enhance and improve the delivery and quality of health data for years to come,” said Kotrys. “We are eager to demonstrate how strategic regional consolidation, married with hands-on collaboration at the local level, will help healthcare stakeholders in Colorado, Arizona and beyond, harness the power of HIE.”