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Date: August 19th, 2021Category: CORHIO e-NewsletterTopics: CORHIO Network, Health Current, Contexture

Merger formalized with a new brand, mission, values and Board  

Earlier this month, CORHIO and Phoenix-based Health Current publicly announced the name of their new regional organization, Contexture. Read the press release here.  

This is the latest in several steps the two established health information exchange (HIE) leaders are taking to formally consolidate their operations in 2022. An affiliation agreement between CORHIO and Health Current was signed earlier this year.   

Contexture will oversee the existing information needs for approximately 1,800 healthcare organizations across Colorado and Arizona, while improving care coordination and clinical outcomes, supporting each state’s health information technology initiatives, and preparing for future consolidation in the HIE sector. 
What Contexture means 
Contexture is defined as “the manner of being woven or linked together to form a connected whole.” In that spirit, the mission of the new organization is to advance individual and community health and wellness through the delivery of actionable information and analysis.  

Contexture’s leadership 
Melissa Kotrys, Chief Executive Officer of Health Current, serves as the CEO of Contexture, and Morgan Honea, CEO of CORHIO, serves as Contexture's Executive Vice President. The new company harnesses the power of nearly 200 team members and leverages the efficiencies of two innovative, compatible and mature HIEs.   
A new Board of Directors will oversee Contexture with representatives from both states and many different facets of healthcare.  
What changes; What remains the same 
In addition to strengthening existing core HIE services in each state, Contexture also brings needed vision to help healthcare communities by continuing to build trusted relationships, break down silos and develop innovative strategies that improve health and wellness for everyone.  

A new Innovation department will help meet the growing and complex needs of key stakeholders, with an initial focus on serving state agencies such as Medicaid and public health. Contexture also will have a new Customer Experience department to keep high standards of service and support at the center of everything we do. Other departments will continue their focus in IT operations, strategy, business development, finance, human resources, policy, legal and compliance.   

“I am excited to bring new services and offerings to our communities, including our new Innovation team, which possesses unparalleled expertise on how state and healthcare policy, financing, and operations work,” says Honea, who oversees several departments at the new organization. “This will be a tremendous resource for Arizona, Colorado and beyond.” 
It is important to note that this is another step in combining the strengths of two successful organizations to better support the healthcare communities in Colorado and Arizona. The HIE platforms in both states will continue to operate as normal and participants will continue to access real-time data and other services with no planned interruptions of service. There will be no changes to current services, pricing, contacts or anything else at this time. 

Next steps 
CORHIO and Health Current will continue to maintain their HIE community-specific solutions, brands and websites with Contexture serving as the umbrella organization. Contexture will strategically consolidate key business functions of the affiliate organizations, working towards the goal of a fully merged organization in 2022.   
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