HIE Tips for Criminal Justice Workers (January 2022 Edition)

Date: January 18th, 2022Category: CORHIO e-NewsletterTopics: HIE, criminal justice system

Your quarterly newsletter to help you and your organization utilize Health Information Exchange from CORHIO (a Contexture organization)

Did you know? 
Users in correctional facilities commonly need to utilize the "Access Additional Records" feature of PatientCare 360 when looking up patient information, particularly for the first time. Here is our Quick Reference Guide to give you more information on this function. 

Have you had staffing changes?
Be sure to let us know by sending an email to megan.reilly@contexture.org and include the information about new staff who should have access to the health information exchange. 

Recent Articles
Healthcare Provider Uses HIE Data to Help Inmates Transition from Jail
“Many people in jail have serious health problems. We’ve seen people with Stage 5 liver cancer, renal failure, and many other critical issues. CORHIO has given us a better picture of what we’re dealing with. It has shortened the time to get critical medical and medication records to our provider to effect a more rapid treatment plan.” - Dena Strick, Regional Supervisor for Health Care Partners Foundation

How Colorado’s County Jails Harness the Power of HIE
“From a liability perspective, the biggest concern is medication management. Whether it’s allergies or medical assessment protocols, the ability to access the facts saves an enormous amount of time – particularly if you are talking about blood pressure medications, diabetes, psychotropic drugs and things of that nature. You can use HIE to decide on the foundational knowledge to decide on your protocols, or you can decide in the dark.” - Shawn Laughlin, Support Services Commander, Broomfield

Quick Reference Guide - Accessing Additional Records
Office of Behavioral Health - Medication Consistency Page

Please let me know if you have any questions on this information or if you would like to dive deeper into any information in this newsletter. 

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