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For Hospitals, Labs & Radiology Centers

Your referring physicians need immediate access to their patients’ information and test results without having to login to multiple systems. They’re also asking for point-to-point EHR interfaces that are expensive to build and maintain.

CORHIO can help you electronically deliver test results and other critical patient information to community physicians and care providers, which not only helps transitions of care and reduces avoidable readmissions, it also reduces medical records requests which frees up hospital staff to focus on more challenging tasks. CORHIO can also help you eliminate the need for your own point-to-point data interfaces.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Offers:

  • Community and statewide connectivity
  • Standards-based data and message transmission
  • Lab and radiology results delivery
  • Data exchange adhering to the highest privacy and security protocols
  • Public health and immunization reporting
  • Patient clinical event notifications

Benefits of Health Information Exchange:

  • Cost-efficient data exchange with physicians and other clinicians (avoid building costly point-to-point EHR interfaces)
  • Streamlined access to patient history information, especially important for emergency department clinicians
  • Reduced administrative costs related to personnel time managing medical records and requests for copies of patient charts
  • Reduced costs from faxing and mailing paper files
  • HIPAA-compliant, secure data sharing with other healthcare providers
  • Improved quality and coordination of patient care

What our participants are saying:

“Connecting Centura Health’s electronic health record to CORHIO’s health information exchange allows us to improve health care value through better coordination of care. By linking physicians, clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home care services, we are ultimately touching more Coloradans and contributing collectively to sustaining the health of our state for generations to come.”

Dana Moore
SVP/CIO and Managing Director
Centura Health