Public Health Reporting

Physician practices and health clinics participating in the CORHIO health information exchange (HIE) network can send or receive data to and from state and county health departments. Information such as newborn screening results and immunizations can be transmitted via the HIE network. For those providers attesting to Meaningful Use, public health reporting via CORHIO could help you meet applicable measures.

Newborn Screenings

CORHIO and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) have a collaborative effort that makes newborn screening results available in the CORHIO health information exchange network. With these screening results available in the secure network, providers and other hospitals in the state can access the results immediately. The results are available either directly in the provider’s electronic health record system or via a web-based secure portal PatientCare 360®.

Immunization Reporting

CORHIO and CDPHE’s Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) have developed an interface that allows medical practices to upload immunization data through the health information exchange. Reporting immunizations to public health via CORHIO can also assist organizations in meeting Meaningful Use requirements.

What our participants are saying:

“The CORHIO interface to CIIS has saved Pueblo Community Health Center staff approximately two hours a day and led to greater efficiency. We no longer have to enter immunizations manually into CIIS. And the process of testing and verifying accuracy of immunizations received into CIIS was not labor intensive.”

Chad Hess, RN, PA-C
Director of Nursing Services
Pueblo Community Health Center