Colorado Grant Programs

Our Quality Improvement  team can assist you with participating in Colorado grant opportunities to improve health information exchange and quality reporting for your practice.

Facilitating Alcohol Screening and Treatment (FAST)

FAST is a 9-month facilitated quality improvement program to address unhealthy alcohol use in patients. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has funded Colorado efforts to help primary care practices increase screening and response to patients’ unhealthy alcohol use.

Participating practices will receive evidence-based interventions to help patients with unhealthy alcohol use, training for staff, medical providers and behavioral health professionals on Screening, Brief Intervention, Medication Assisted Treatment, and, when necessary Referral to Treatment (SBIRT plus MAT) for alcohol use and the support of a highly trained practice coach.

For more information, see flyer. If your facility would like to participate in this innovative program, contact us.

Innovation Support Project (ISP)

This program is accepting a total of 80 primary care practices per year (Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and OB/GYN) who provide comprehensive primary care and serve the Medicaid population. The aim is to improve the quality of care and enhance success in alternative payment models such as the Medicaid Alternative Payment Model (APM) for Primary Care.

Participating practices with receive Practice Facilitation support in adopting and sustaining telehealth services as well as access to experts in billing, coding, workflows, and documentation from selected partners like CORHIO. Also available is assistance with clinical quality measure data extraction and improvement.

For more information, see flyerIf your facility would like to participate in this innovative program, contact us.

Medication Consistency

Under the Colorado Medication Consistency Project (Senate Bill 17-019), CORHIO is working with county jails to implement data exchange that allows the jail staff to access health and medication specific information. Allowing jails to connect to the health information exchange ensures inmates are treated efficiently, resulting in better health outcomes during incarceration and when inmates are transitioned back into the community.

CORHIO’s Quality Improvement  team assists in PatientCare 360 implementation to improve continuity of care for inmates. CORHIO provides support during the evolving use of PatientCare 360 from intake to sick calls and discharge back into the community.

If your facility would like to participate in this innovative program, contact us.


Why Choose CORHIO’s Healthcare Quality Improvement Team? 

Our Quality Improvement team consists of highly qualified, respected professionals with over 85 years of healthcare experience.

We assist healthcare providers/clinics with various quality improvement techniques and initiatives, clinical quality measure analysis, EHR selection and migration, patient-centered medical home (PCMH) models and coding to improve reimbursements. While not an inclusive list of services, we can customize support to meet your specific needs.The team’s shared goal is to help practices navigate and thrive in the ever-changing healthcare arena.

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