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The information on this page is intended for current participants and authorized users of the CORHIO health information exchange (HIE). If your healthcare organization or office is not a current CORHIO participant, please visit Our HIE Services page to learn more about HIE participation. You can see if your organization participates by viewing a list of all current HIE participants.

Contact Us for Help

Current HIE participants and users may contact our Help Desk by phone at (720) 285-3277 or by email at Current users can log in to the Help Desk page directly. 

Login and Password Assistance

Our web-based PatientCare 360 portal is restricted to pre-authorized healthcare professionals with a valid username and password. If you are an authorized user and your last successful login was more than 180 days ago, the account will be automatically locked for security reasons. To unlock the account or to reset your password, please call (720) 285-3277 or email helpdesk@corhio.orgCurrent users can log in to the Help Desk page directly. 

Online Bill Payment

For all questions related to paying your CORHIO invoice online, please contact To access the Online Billpay site or to sign up to start using this service, visit 

Data Routing Into Your EHR

Many of our HIE participants are receiving data automatically into their electronic health record (EHR) system. If you believe that you are not receiving information as expected, please contact us.

Notifications Data Values

For CORHIO Notifications customers, please see MSH-4 values list for details on health systems and their corresponding codes. 

Product Training

We provide training on using our HIE tools, including one-on-one training for brand new participants or any participants who need a refresher or additional training for new staff members. For new participants, training is part of your project implementation. If you need refresher training or need to train new staff members, please contact your CORHIO representative. For larger organizations, we have a "train the trainer" format where one designee at the organization is thoroughly trained and can then train others. 

Opt Out (or Opt In) a Patient

Patients have the right to opt out of having their information viewable in the CORHIO HIE. Similarly, patients have the right to opt back in to the HIE if they have previously opted out. Please refer to training materials provided for detailed information on how to process an opt-out or opt-in request. CORHIO provides all participating healthcare providers with opt-out and opt-in forms. Please note that forms must be filled out completely in order to be processed. Healthcare providers can submit completed forms by encrypted email or by secure fax. Please contact us at (720) 285-3277 or if you need assistance with this.

Patient Education for HIE

Did you know that CORHIO can provide you with patient education pamphlets that describe HIE and CORHIO? If you need pamphlets please contact the Help Desk and we will mail these to you.

HIE Service Level Agreement

As a condition of providing Services pursuant to a Participant Agreement, CORHIO will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide technical support and respond to support incidents in accordance with the time-frames defined in this Service Level Agreement (SLA). More detailed and participant specific SLAs may be addressed in individual participant agreements and associated statements of work. CORHIO reserves the right to update this SLA without notice to participants in accordance with business needs. Updated SLAs will be published on this page or timely sent to participants. Download the SLA document.